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In GEDITEC offer project development for the area both private and public. 
Our goal remains to offer a complete service. We urban management, procurement and construction management to obtain the corresponding Municipal License. 
From the preliminary design of the project we are concerned about aesthetics, studying with the client, without reducing functionality, working with materials and latest aesthetic trends and reducing investment costs. 
From the standpoint of the building also provide solutions for building facilities in accordance with the requirements of each building, whether private or public status. 
Because the calculation of experience in building facilities, optimize the design of facilities and Obento same for versatile and reliable, providing the highest customer benficio.
  • Single Family Homes
  • Residential buildings
  • Public buildings: health clubs, clinics, spas, sports, etc ...
  • Office Buildings
Air conditioning
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Buildings and Projects
Office Buildings
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Industria de Automoción
Installing fire
Gas Installation
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