GEDITEC ENGINEERING S.L. (Management and Integral Development of Projects) it is born at the end of 2006 thanks to a group of technical personnel with a great path in the sector of the engineering, architecture and consultancy. The determination of the technical personnel of GEDITEC, it is to offer to his clients an absolute and effective service, being this teaches her of the company and the principal difference with his direct competitors.

GEDITEC offers the versatility to his clients of being able to develop any type of integral project in all the fields of the civil engineering, industrial engineering, building, urbanism and consultancy.

The experience that supports us assures a wide and flexible range of services, adapting in every case to the needs of the client. We cover the whole range of services of engineering, happening for all the phases of development: studies of viability and implantation, projects of execution and record of facilities, projects of activity, steps of subsidies, up to enclosed key in hand of request on the part of the client.

The great path developed by GEDITEC, from his birth attacking big, small projects it comes rewarded in our new facilities to give if it fits a better service to our clients.